YAESU FL-2100B Inrush Current Protect - Soft-Start

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Brand : Yaesu
Model : FL-2100B & Z
Type : RF Amplifier

!! Protect your Linear Amplifier!!

New Soft-Start fully assembled & tested specially designed for Power Linear Amplifiers equipped with 572B/T160 tubes.

Increase its lifespan, and save money, by equipping your linear amplifier with this Soft-start, It limits the inrush current to protect, switches, tubes filament, H.V. filter capacitors, high & low voltage transformers.

Only passive components, not to be confused with Soft-Starts designed for audio amplifiers (low frequency) which can be disturbed by high frequencies (radio) their operation can become erratic, and whose maximum switchable voltage is 75 VDC.

The most technically advanced, equipped with high power thermistors, it allows a slower rise voltage at start that Wirewound Resistors. The 30 Amps relay can control easily transformers up to 3.6 KVA on 120VAC & 7.2 KVA on 240VAC.

It is also recommended equipping your power supplies with this module to avoid the startup shock, at power "ON" and thus protect sensitive components.

No needs supply (self-powered), it works in 220V-240V mains or 110V-120V (on demand). No needs other parts, it simply just install and connect the electrical input and output wires. Detailed schematics with parts list, PCB layout, and installation diagram provided by download in PDF format.

Size: 9.4 cm length x 6.6 cm width x 2.5 cm high.

Compatible with the following Linear Amplifiers:

- FL-2000, FL-2100Z, FL-2500

***Please check the available space in your amp***

***When purchasing, you must specify the mains voltage for which is intended***

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