Oud Feramis Usta Cocobolo

Fin de la vente : 22j 7h
Etat : Occasion
Brand : Feramis Usta
Instrument : Oud
UPC : Does Not Apply

This oud is a professional model from Turkey made by luthier Feramis Usta. This musical instrument is excellent for all players who like the brilliance, resonance and ease of playing Turkish ouds, its body is made of Cocobolo, its top is Canadian cedar, its fingerboard and pegs are made of Ebony and it has the deluxe finishing of the luthier (pearl rosettes).

The oud comes with a padded bag, as well as 6 rishas (with one in horn).

Important: The oud comes originally with 11 strings and is tuned from c to C. You can easily tune it in f to F by changing the strings.