French village house project -Walled Garden & Workshop + River side camping !

Fin de la vente : 1j 6h
Construction Year : 1820
Country : France
Living Area (m²) : 250
Location : Poitou Charentes
Number of Bathrooms : 3
Number of Bedrooms : 5 Bedrooms
Plot Area (m²) : 1500
Private / Estate agent : Private
Property Content (m³) : 300
Provide With : French Windows
Sort By : For Sale

Has a French property investment been a long term dream ?Or simply a desire to take your own life control Back from the ever bad news Media & overcrowded everything ?

You may have stumbled on something interesting here - whatever your initial goal this might be totally different - but it might also f it just perfectly.. Location- Location they say .. Straight up - This is not St Tropez - It's not the Dordogne - Its not Alicante - Are you really sure you want any of those places and will you be able to afford / endure it long term ?

About the region

This area of South West France is known as 'The heart of Poitou Charentes' - Famous for its micro climate where Atlantic west coast 'freshness' meets the big 'Grand Terre' of inland France, A soft Climate which enjoys the 2nd highest number of Sunlight hours annually and is inhabited by-in-large by a friendly and welcoming population happy to see life injected back into the old villages that used to buzz before Internet & Amazon , This is the place on those French postcards with the never ending fields of yellow sunflowers and pretty white stone villages that look like they have not changed much in the last 200 years - Behind the scenes things are very much 2021 - Fiber optic internet is in place , The road network is superb , It also boasts probably the best value Propertys in modern Europe although they have been selling like hot cakes for a long time now..

Abo ut the property.

This is a renovation- it's not a turn key property. This was to be our nest egg build with the best of everything - it ticked all boxes but life has taken a different direction so what took me 12 years to accumulate - is now ready to be cracked on with and with a heavy heart the next person gets quite a project to get stuck into .. Its a Blank canvas, There is nothing to demolish and or dump and no dangerous handy mans work to be undone. Your starting again inside a solid shell. This has also probably saved the next person 20k euro worth of demolition and decheterie trips.

Authentic white Stone house typical of the poitou charentes - Located in the quaint market town of Sauze-Vaussais , Which although is more a village than large town it has all the local amenities and services and is the business/shopping center for approx 30 smaller 'hamlet' villages dotted around the surrounding countryside.

Located just behind the market square with its cut stone clock tower dating from Roman times. There’s a feeling of calm & history about the place. The new 'Conseil Municipal ' or town council are young and vibrant and anxious to take advantage of the towns positioning on an important crossroads of France where the RN10 Road feeds directly to Spain and Portugal and the pretty marina town of La Rochelle to the west ,

This house - Built in 1820 holds an exciting but 'Au calme' position located just 200 metres from the 'place de la mairie ' yet once your inside the walled garden with it's 4metre high stone walls - Its like having ones own little private ranch. The size is quite deceiving from the street outside and the surprise upon entering is rather pleasant . There is also an external door serving the side street so a commercial aspect is totally possible be it a simple office or some sort of shop or gite . possibilities are endless really .

The House

• Basically has been stripped back to transform into a warm comfortable home which we have architect plans to acomplish - The roof timbers are good and the house and barns are sealed to the elements . The interior space was badly planned out 200 yrs ago .. - But the orientation and location was sort of a perfect blank canvas.

Old stone houses get cold and damp and mouldy in winter - This is a fact and something that catches many people out when buying in the glorious summer months with rose tinted spectacles on . These days the technology does not cost alot - underfloor moisture barrier and proper insulation - underfloor heating etc is accessible to everyone - there are even grants for this . And its worth doing .I say this but the next Man /Woman can do completely as they like : so if the next question was 'how much will it take to make finished''s a how long is a piece of string type situation -From 30k to 200k if you want gold plated taps !

• Street access by way of baie size patio door and large double gates of 5m wide leading into the courtyard.

• Services connected - Mains water- Mains Drainage - Broadband internet - Electricity

• Our architect plans give approx 280 M2 of living area over 3 floors. The plans are supurb yet relatively simple and include some clever under window balconys to have the morning coffee outside . This floor space can be reduced and cost with it If the 3rd story is not put in - which may not be needed by alot of people ..

This is actually kind of 2 houses put into one- As the builder said one could do 2 seperate houses with a joining door - and even another house in the workshop. The large gates could be moved back to just keep the rear courtyard private - Several ways to go about this - or leave as is plain and simple ..

• Double parkings outside the gates - it has it's own parking area before the streetside - or bring the vehicles into the yard - Lock up and leave Sealed - Not even curious cats can get inside.

Walled garden / Yard & Workshop.

Opening the big solid double doors from the side street leads into a delightfull walled enclosure with pointed stone walls of 4m high and a white 'calcaire' gravel of the region underfoot, \ there are mature olive trees and fruit trees - flowers and tomatoes and an 80 year old Grape vine , we have kept most of it in 'white calcaire' but For the serious gardener there is ample room to expand back to earth again .. Kids / Pets are in their element in total safety . It is impenetrable .

• I have run a mechanical and welding business from the big stone workshop with 3metre high electric roller shutter and concrete wash bay , this could in fact accomodate any sort of buisness or as people have often said would make a beautiful house or Gite . For Handymen you can basically walk straight into a business here and have work from day 1 should you want all my clients !

•There is a large Oak timbered 'lean to' Barn on the opposing side which we once thought of demolishing , but has since prooved so usefull that we did not- it stores the camper van with ease and could in fact accomodate a static home easilly for those that wish to live on site while building the dream , There is a certain luxury in pruning the olive trees that draws a smile. The bubbling hot tub at 35 degrees under the stars is equally a nice end to the day

• Very low maintenance property that is a pure sun trap to the famous Poitou Charentes sun from Morning to evening as it does its arc across the the property - 9 months of the year are spent outside, ideal for those looking a lock up and leave property be it a holiday home, or eventually a full time home.

Another benefit is that the whole property is encircled by the towns municipal 'mediatheque' which was a 1.6 million euro project completed in 2019 and houses the town library - exhibition centre/concert hall and a couple of offices- it will stay that way forever , is open 4 days until 5pm so it could not be a more discreet neighbour to have.

Riverside Property.

• The Charente river and its tributaries winds its way through the entire poitou charentes region keeping it green -

For years I had looked for a private plot on this river which are hens teeth and so sought after that they rarely make open market , To cut a long story short eventually one came up and we jumped on it- This little piece of paradise is 25 minutes drive from the property and consists of a 1000m2 plot of parkland that terminates on the river charente with its own little jetty to jump off or launch canoes etc.. Considered a woodland there are no taxes at all to pay on this annually ! it's not constructable apart from timber cabins or movable objects or the like... things need to be 'moved' 1 day annually . some have asked and I have no idea about the boat sizes possible or legalities of the river , small boats are a very common sight, If you own an ex WW2 battleship please do own DD...

When the thermometer is tipping 40 degrees its easy to bring the camper under the trees river side and spend a lazy weekend or week at the water, one could in theory rent the space for camping or fishing

• This will be part of the Poitou charentes pack on offer .

The river side parcel can also be purchased seperately for 20K pounds for those looking a simple camper van / camping / caravan summer haven but i deally we sell all as one package.

To Summarize

This property suits those eithar looking for a new life and perhaps have the skills and tooling to attack it themselfs or perhaps those that have the finances to just get tradesmen to finish it for them. others may consider living in a static home or camper van on site while doing it ?

Ample firewood is available locally for cash , The Village has Schools, Shopping center, Diy store, Banks, Swimming pool, Lake, Gym tennis courts ... all amenities within walking distance. Great for bicycles or take your 1960s Mobylette to the Boulangerie as I regularly do ...

Prime position for summer concerts /markets / animation in the family owned café bar in front of us. The espresso machine is hard at work from the early morning but tones down for the evening . it's all calm and relaxed , no frenzy or rush around here !

Nothing beats the smell and glow of a good BBQ with some good friends late into those long summer nights. Its a haven for Cyclists fast & slow ! Tour De France passes close by , Rust free classic cars are daily driven ,There's a 'Broccante' somewhere every day selling cheap treasures local Pineaud wine or Charente Melons from the producteur .. Many Expats from all over the world have made this region home and brought their trades and business with them. It's a High standard of living. Life with space for all. - no traffic jams.

Distances - • Poitiers Airport with daily Uk flights - 40Minutes • Limoges Airport 1h30 • Coastal village of La rochelle 1h30 • Spanish Border 4hrs • St Malo Uk Port 4hrs

OK Im interested – What happens now ?

This Property can be purchased through me directly at advertised price – in which case we notify the local Notary office to draw up the contract of sale - OR if you wish to buy through a French real estate agent it can be purchased through an agency with their commission on top , This offers no benefit really but I do understand that some people will only shop that way which is quite ok with me but facture in about 9% agency fees.

The builder - Mr Andy Quick of : Building-services-France can be consulted on this project as they were lined up to do it in stages.

Price private sale -The local agents took some time to Ponder all that was on offer -and have come up withan average of 109k pounds . Close Offers will be considered but we are not in a hurry at all - Those that ''have heard on facebook'' That 50K buys a chateau with lake in France sorry your 40 Yrs too late - please do not waste your time and mine. others who have found a ruin somewhere that's 25k cheaper than mine - great please buy it !!

This is a rare chance and the sort of thing one really falls for with the best of several worlds there is really only 'upside' here to the right person of course.

* Photos and info will be updated as i get time . Those that get what im putting down are better to Phone call as response has been such that I have not the skill to reply to all in type and it will possibly not hang about at this price.

Please call to discuss terms or viewings or info on life in this area in general. +33 6 0444 3065 This will also work for Whatsapp and viber calls and messages.