Dream Glass Flow

300,00 €

Fin de la vente : 20j 0h
Etat : Neuf (Bon état, utilisé que 3 fois ( vendu sans cloud pack))
Marque : DreamGlass
Pays de fabrication : Chine

Dream Glass Flow are Augmented Reality (AR) glasses for gaming and video streaming. It's compatible with Remote Play for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, as well as cloud gaming/video streaming across various platforms. It also upgrades portable gaming experience from 7 inches to 120 inches for handhelds (Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck and more). As the world’s pioneer of AR glasses, Dream Glass Flow’s Cloud Computation Box is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 and 2x2 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology, which makes efficient use of network bandwidth and eliminates latency, delivering to you the smoothest online gaming experience. Weighing only 59g/2oz, Dream Glass Flow provides the ultimate comfortable gaming experience anytime you want and anywhere you go!