DENTRON Clipperton-L, how to add 10m & 160m bands – only by download

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Fin de la vente : 10/11/2023
Etat : Occasion
Brand : Dentron
Model : Clipperton-L
Type : Linear Amplifier

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Add 10 & 160m Bands on the DENTRON Clipperton-L Amplifier

Do you want to have 10 m & 160 m Bands in addition to the others on your Clipperton-L?

This notice includes the instructions to add these 2 bands (10 m and 160 m) on your HClipperton-L, without killing the 15 & 80 meters.

Easy to make, common components, easily to found. Circuit description with pertinent diagrams, color photos, schematic diagrams, part list and connection, 31 pages in 21 x 29.7 cm format, by download.

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